OI OI how you guys doing my name is Mr Impulsive (Henry Herb on fb) I am the founder of f-kon franchise im a jungle n dnb dj.
Ive been into jungle and drum n bass since it started back in the day. Always had a real passionate love for the music.
Ive been djing for about 4 years now. I was born and raised in North London N1 And lived in Milton Keynes for a number of years.
Going to raves like one nation slamming viynal dreamscape and the legendary Helter Skelter I like to produce music using cubase.
Always on the lookout for bookings headling in czech republic soon

this year cant wait 

I often get asked how i came up with the name 31770 so here it is......
I spent the majority of my school years messing about and one of the things we did to entertain in the middle of borin lessons was writing BOOBIES on a calculator obvs u type 5318008 n turn it upside down....
i then realised it works with OLLIE....31770 
so came up with my dj name at around 11 yrs old and its a keeper 🤣🤣🤣
I started mixing at a very young age i think i was 13, inspired by Ellis Dees dreamscape 25 set in 1997
 bought my first turntables which were gemini pt2000 mk3s and spent my pocket money on a new record every other week.
Since then i have been adding to my equipment and expanding my abilities enabling me to be more creative with my mixes.
I ve spent the last 20 odd years playing illegal events & big underground parties at secret locations, I have also been lucky enough to play at glastonbury festival in 2007/08 and had some siickk club nights. 
I now run a big soundsystem called Sanktum and create underground drum n bass  events all over the uk. 
Biig upz to all that support 




 First DJ-BoRn-E

Been DJ - ing for nearly 15 years on and off and producing about the same.. Played my first gig at a night i set up back in 2004 at karma kafe when it was Kafe Da.. DJshaydee was also on the set list along with mc vip and DJ snake eyes.

Played a few local gigs in Norwich over the years.. Nothing special but a memorable moment was following nicky blackmarket at voltage a few years back.. Had a regular weekly show on Thursday nights for online and fm station JuiceFm which was basically a weekly piss up between mates lol.. 

Enjoy the vibes. Bless. 


Been producing and DJ - ing in and around Norwich since the early noughties.. Enjoys all kinds of bass music.

Had a couple of releases for digital label Kevlar Beats and one is in the pipeline atm.. Played a few Rumbles over the years and was resident on style Fm with Mr Explicit back in the  day..

Lock into the shows and enjoy the vibes. Bless. 

Been on rave scene since 1991, grew up in Stevenage, home of Liberty and United dance raves as well as host to Epidemik in recent years.  Been to various raves over the years including Eclipse, Milwaukees, dreamscape at sanctuary Milton Keynes but my ultimate favourite venue was AWOL at paradise club from 1993-1994 where they played Randall, Gachet, Mickey Finn, a young Andy C played there.... That's when I became a true junglist .....

Dj shaydee

My real name is Richard shay (Dj shaydee) 

I’m 38 years old 

Have been mixing and playing out for the last 23 years 

Events :

     Vertigo gravesend (resident) 

       Braiskan Norfolk rave 

     Planet yes Norfolk rave

     Kartel (resident) 

     Karishma club Norwich 

  Hardcore fm radio (ex resident)

    Gla audio  (free party)

   F-kon radio (resident)

   United sounds radio (resident)

   Camouflage ( resident)

   Cream of the crop (uk g)

I started mixing Young with 2 cheap Gemini decks at the time I was playing  hard house and trance then progressed up and joined bigger events I took a 2 year brake in 2005 when my son was born and then started coming back I also Mc have had the privilege of mcing for Kenny Ken with Mc lectra have been on the main stage before Nicky blackmarket dj dougal and Dj vibes I’m a old skool dj that loves my classics I play a lot of jump up and big rollers also love my garage and bass line and hard tech I try to variable all shows to accommodate all listeners if you want to know any more about me just ask I’m a down to earth happy guy 

Love peace and unity to all the ravers out there